Connecting Direct Mail Manager with Popisto

We have launched our newest direct mail Automated Marketing Integration with Popisto!  Popisto is an Automated Marketing system and simple CRM. Easy To Use, Fast To Learn, it integrates Email (powered by MailChimp & Mandrill!), Direct Mail, SMS and WebHooks into automated campaigns to help drive sales, increase customer retention, create lead generation and lead discovery.

Using the tools in Popisto you can automate all of your marketing. The system includes a CRM for organizing leads, full email capability and the added bonus of the Direct Mail Manager integration. No other system offers that! Automated marketing frees up the small business to concentrate on other money making activities while marketing continues in the background. Empower your business to stay in contact and convert lost leads to sales! CLICK HERE for a FREE 15 Day Trial!


How to Integrate

First you will need a Popisto account. If you already have one, skip to next step. If not, Click Here to go to and sign up today for your FREE 15 Day Trial.

After you have signed up, log in and go to the Update Account page at


You will need your API Key, CustomerID and the email address you use for your account


Go to the System Setup of Popisto and click the Integrations Icon


Enter that information from (copy and paste it’s easiest!) in the fields at Popisto,


That’s it! You can check your integration by clicking the Manage Direct Mail icon under the Direct Mail navigation.


Depending on how many postcard campaigns you have at, you should see something similar to the screenshot below.


If you are a new customer you will see no postcard images and $0 funds balance. Don’t worry, your connection is working, but have just a few more things to do. You will need to go to to create or upload artwork, create a postcard campaign and then add funds for the mailing. For more info, visit the support area of or call 800.924.1648 and they will be glad to help you set up your first campaign.

You Are Integrated, Now What?

Now that Popisto is integrated with you will be able to add postcard mailings to any part of your Popisto campaigns! Just create a new campaign or edit an existing one, click on the Direct Mail mailbox icon and you will see a list of all of your active campaigns. Select one and click Submit. That’s it!


Don’t let the power of direct mail marketing pass you by! Use postcards to interact with customers and potential leads. Some of the best uses are:

  • Welcome postcards
  • Sale postcards
  • Follow up and thank you postcards
  • Tradeshow or event postcards

Try Popisto today! CLICK HERE for a FREE 15 Day Trial! Popisto also offers automated Email (powered by MailChimp & Mandrill!), SMS and WebHook capability for full featured automated marketing campaigns. Using the tools in Popisto you can automate all of your marketing. The system includes a CRM for organizing leads, full email capability and the added bonus of direct mail. No other system offers that!

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