Connecting Lead Liaison to Direct Mail Manager With WebHooks

Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Lead Liaison can be setup using WebHooks and included in any Lead Liaison Campaign. The setup is based on 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign in Direct Mail Manager
  2. Create a WebHook pointing to Direct Mail Manager in Lead Liaison
  3. Add WebHook to Lead Liaison Campaign

It is that simple! The integration allows you to put a direct mail postcard that is sent out in 48 hours anywhere within a Lead Liaison Campaign.

WebHooks are the Key!

To set up a Direct Mail Manager in Lead Liaison you will first have to familiarize yourself with WebHooks. WebHooks allow you to access your Direct Mail Manager Campaigns securely from within Lead Liaison.

After you create a campaign in Direct Mail Manager, login to your Lead Liaison account and do the following:

Create a Webhook in Lead Liaison

To create a Webhook in Lead Liaison go to Administration > Webhooks and follow the instructions below.

  • Make sure to add the Webhook app to your instance if it’s not already installed. Click the App Cloud link on the top of the page, located the Webhook app and install it.
  • Click Add New Webhook
  • A popup similar to the one below will appear


Enter in the following values for each field

  • Webhook Name: Anything you want. This name will be what you’ll use to search with when you add the “Call Webhook” action.
  • Description: Anything you want.
  • URL:
  • Request Type: POST
  • Template: Copy and Paste the following script and replace all items in RED with your information from your Direct Mail Manager account. Your API Key and Customer ID can be found in the Update My Account area of Direct Mail Manager. Your Campaign or Order ID is listed next to your campaigns on the Direct Mail Manager main page.

apikey=YOUR API KEY&idcust=YOUR CUSTOMER ID&orderno=YOUR CAMPAIGN ID&action=dmmaddleadandmail&ListName=LeadLiaisonProspects_%%FirstName%%%%LastName%%.csv&name=%%FullName%%&company=%%Company%%&address1=%%StreetAddress%%&city=%%City%%&state=%%State%%&zip=%%Zipcode%%&customeremail=YOUR EMAIL LOGIN

  • Request Token Encoding: FORM/URL
  • Response Type: XML

NOTE: You can use any value for the “ListName” parameter; however, make sure it is unique for each Prospect. To achieve that, keep  in the ListName variable%%FirstName%%%%LastName%%but feel free to change  to anything you’d like.

Add the Call Webhook Action

To add the Call Webhook action and select your direct mail campaign do the following.

  • Create a new automation process or edit an existing process
  • Add the Call Webhook action
  • Select your direct mail Webhook from the dropdown


That’s it you are done! If you have any questions regarding the campaigns, feel free to contact Lead Liasion. If you have any questions about the direct mail, contact us at 800.924.1648.

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