Connecting Marketo to Direct Mail Manager with WebHooks

Direct Mail Manager’s integration with Marketo can be setup using WebHooks and included in any Marketo Campaign. The setup is based on 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a campaign in Direct Mail Manager
  2. Create a WebHook pointing to Direct Mail Manager in Marketo
  3. Add WebHook to Marketo Campaign

It is that simple! The integration allows you to put a direct mail postcard that is sent out in 48 hours anywhere within a Marketo Campaign.

WebHooks are the Key!

To set up a Direct Mail Manager in Marketo you will first have to familiarize yourself with WebHooks. WebHooks allow you to access your Direct Mail Manager Campaigns securely from within Marketo.

Here is a simple breakdown

Creating the Send & Mail WebHook

In Marketo go to the Admin

Select WebHooks


Creating the Direct Mail Manager WebHook

We will now create the WebHook, this will send your data to us and mail the campaign specified.

For the WebHook, you will want to set the following options:

Webhook Name: Any name you would like, so you know what this WebHook does

Description: You can use any description you would like or leave blank


Request Type: POST

Template: Copy and Paste the following script and replace all items in RED with your information from Direct Mail Manager account. Your API Key and Customer ID can be found in the Update My Account area of Direct Mail Manager. Your Campaign or Order ID is listed next to your campaigns on the Direct Mail Manager main page.

apikey=YOUR API KEY&idcust=YOUR CUSTOMER ID&orderno=YOUR CAMPAIGN/ORDER ID&action=dmmaddleadandmail&ListName=MarketoLeads{{lead.Last Name:default=edit me}}{{lead.First Name:default=edit me}}.csv&name={{lead.Full Name:default=edit me}}&company={{company.Company Name:default=edit me}}&address1={{company.Billing Address:default=edit me}}&city={{company.Billing City:default=edit me}}&state={{company.Billing State:default=edit me}}&zip={{company.Billing Postal Code:default=edit me}}&customeremail=YOUR EMAIL LOGIN

Request Token Encoding: Form/Url

Response Type: XML.

Your WebHook is done! You can now go to a new or existing Marketo Campaign and drop the new WebHooks anywhere in the flow process and your customer or leads will receive your selected postcard campaign, like the sample below:


WebHooks, including the WebHook, can only be used in TRIGGER campaigns in Marketo. FILTER Campaigns do not work with WebHooks.

How would you use this integration?

Direct mail is a powerful tool when used with timing. By including direct mail in your Marekto campaigns you can increase ROI with your leads and current customers by sending a tangible postcard. This is a tactile experience not offered with digital media! Some of the best ways to integrate direct mail:

  • Lead followup
  • Thank You cards
  • Promotional Upselling
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Customer Acquistion
  • Customer Retention

How does a direct mail integration increase marketing effectiveness?

The use of extremely targeted direct mail, email and social media marketing will always increase your marketing effectiveness. Direct mail can be a cumbersome and expensive method of marketing, but with Direct Mail Manager and the Marketo automated system, it becomes a money making machine.

How does direct mail marketing compare to email marketing?

Direct mail response rates are 3.99% compared to 1.73% for email and open rates are 79% compared to 17% for email. With these kinds of numbers you can convert more leads to orders, better retain your existing customers’ loyalty and remove your business from the email clutter.

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