Highrise Integration

Direct Mail Manager has integrated Highrise the Small Business CRM, with our direct mail Web app! Highrise users can now import their contact lists directly from within the Direct Mail Manager campaign dashboard. We are excited about this integration and the team at Highrise have added us to their Extras Page.

What are the benefits for Highrise users?

All of your contacts are saved in Highrise. You use Highrise to stay on top of those hard earned contacts, so now what? Create contact lists in HighRise and mail to them with Direct Mail Manager! Create followup mail and upsell mail pieces and send them to your list. There are no minimums so you can send one postcard if you need to to just say thank you.

Watch the video below for more information.

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Why Use Highrise Simple CRM for your business?

Being well prepared makes a huge impression. Knowing when you last spoke with someone, and what you discussed, makes a big difference. Highrise prepares you to do business.

The answer to the avalanche

So many people. So many phone calls, emails, notes, follow-ups, and tasks. Who is this person again? When did we last speak? What did we talk about? Has anyone else in my company talked to this person? What’s supposed to happen next? Highrise is here to keep track of it all.

Everyone’s personal assistant

When you use Highrise, contacts and communication history can be shared across your entire company. No more “Jim has the client’s number and he’s out of the office today.” No more “I don’t know what Jane told the printer last week.” No more “Oops, I didn’t know you already called her back—I just did too.” With Highrise, everyone’s always on the same page.

One history, many interactions

Highrise is your homebase for everyone that’s important to your business. It puts together all those little points of contact so you can see the bigger picture. It makes one history out of many interactions. Highrise helps you make sense of it all.

Not too little, not too much

Your address book doesn’t do enough. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software tries to do too much. That’s why we built Highrise. It’s the just-right, more thoughtful way to keep track of the people, conversations, and tasks that are the lifelines of your business.

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